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  • Call for Paper for Volume 2 Issue 2 November 2019


    Dear Colleagues,
    We invite researchers in the Pharmacy field to publish their academic texts at the Borneo Journal of Pharmacy to be published in Volume 2 Issue 2 November 2019.
    Scope for this issue of the issue is all manuscripts in the pharmaceutical field such as:
    Analytical Pharmacy-Medicinal Chemistry
    Microbiology Pharmacy
    Natural Product Development
    Clinical-Community Pharmacy
    Management Pharmacy
    and other pharmaceutical fields.
    The deadline for this edition is October 1, 2019. All submitted texts must use English, with a similarity level below 20%.
    We are waiting for your participation to contribute to the Borneo Journal of Pharmacy.
    Best Regards,
    Chief Editor

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  • Welcome to international reviewers at Borneo J Pharm


    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Greetings to all of us,
    All editorial boards of Borneo J Pharm would like to thank you very much and congratulations on joining international reviewers at Borneo J Pharm, including:
    1. Asst. Prof. Nurolaini Kifli, Ph.D. from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (Molecular Biology, Clinical Pharmacology, Microbiology).
    2. Kseniya Nikolaevna Koryanova, Ph.D. from Pyatigorsk Medical Pharmaceutical Institute (Pharmaceutical, Analytical Pharmacy, Cosmetology).
    3. Ashraf Ahmed Ali Abdusalam, Ph.D. from Sebha University (Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery).
    4. Arthi Venkatesan, Ph.D. from Vellore Institute of Technology (Bioinformatics, Computational Chemistry).
    5. Prayasee Baruah, M.Sc. from North-Eastern Hill University (Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry).
    6. Prof. Lina O. Perekhoda, Ph.D. from National University of Pharmacy (Medicinal Chemistry; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Molecular Docking).
    We hope that the joining of international reviewers with a good track record of research and publications can improve the quality and attractiveness of Borneo J Pharm, especially for researchers from outside Indonesia.
    In the future, we still hope that other researchers who are interested in joining will become editors and reviewers for Borneo J Pharm to further improve the quality of publications on Borneo J Pharm.
    Best regards,
    Chief Editor of Borneo J Pharm

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  • Changes to article templates


    Starting from Volume 2 Number 1 May 2019 edition, Borneo Journal of Pharmacy make changes to the template in the article that will be published. The amendment aims to make it easier for readers to observe essential parts of each page of the article. The latest article format can be downloaded in the Templates section.
    Best regards,
    Chief Editor of Borneo Journal of Pharmacy

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